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Discover the Magnetic Rolling Ball Track Building Block Toy! This DIY assembling toy features a strong magnetic force, promoting STEM education and fine motor skills. It attracts kids’ attention and encourages creativity, imagination, and spatial awareness. Perfect for parent-child interaction and safe play.

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Ball Track Toy HY-056530无字 Item No. HY-056530
Parts 48pcs
Packing Color Box
Packing Size 23.5*15.9*19cm
QTY/CTN 16pcs
Inner Box 2
Carton Size 69.5*51*45.5cm
CBM 0.161
CUFT 5.69
G.W/N.W. 20.7/17.8kgs


Ball Track Toy HY-056531无字 Item No. HY-056531
Parts 72pcs
Packing Color Box
Packing Size 23.5*15.9*25cm
QTY/CTN 12pcs
Inner Box 2
Carton Size 53*51*57.5cm
CBM 0.155
CUFT 5.48
G.W/N.W. 21.2/18.5kgs


Ball Track Toy HY-056532无字 Item No. HY-056532
Parts 100pcs
Packing Color Box
Packing Size 23.5*15.9*32cm
QTY/CTN 8pcs
Inner Box 2
Carton Size 51*36*71.5cm
CBM 0.131
CUFT 4.63
G.W/N.W. 18.2/16.1kgs

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Introducing our latest innovation in educational toys - the Magnetic Rolling Ball Track Building Block Toy! This unique and engaging toy is designed to provide hours of fun and learning for children while promoting important developmental skills.

With its DIY assembling feature, the Magnetic Rolling Ball Track Building Block Toy allows children to use their creativity and imagination to construct their own ball track structures. This not only enhances their fine motor skills but also encourages them to think critically and problem-solve as they design and build their own tracks. The highlight of this toy is the magnetic rolling ball that can move freely within the tube, captivating children's attention and sparking their curiosity. As the ball rolls through the track, children can observe and understand the principles of gravity, motion, and cause-and-effect, making it an ideal toy for STEM education.

The strong magnetic force of the building blocks ensures that the structures remain stable, allowing children to experiment with different designs and configurations without the fear of them collapsing. Additionally, the large size of the magnetic tiles prevents accidental swallowing, ensuring the safety of young children during play. The colored transparent magnetic tiles not only add a vibrant and visually appealing element to the toy but also enable children to explore and appreciate the concepts of light and shadow. This hands-on experience with light and color enhances their understanding of basic scientific principles in a fun and interactive way.

Moreover, the Magnetic Rolling Ball Track Building Block Toy promotes the development of essential skills such as hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and cognitive abilities. As children manipulate the magnetic tiles and track components, they are honing their dexterity and problem-solving skills, laying a strong foundation for their overall development.

Furthermore, this toy encourages parent-child interaction as adults can join in the building process, providing an opportunity for bonding and shared learning experiences. By engaging in collaborative play, parents can support their children's learning while fostering a strong sense of creativity and teamwork.

In conclusion, the Magnetic Rolling Ball Track Building Block Toy is not only a source of endless entertainment but also a valuable educational tool that nurtures children's intelligence, creativity, and motor skills. It is the perfect blend of fun and learning, making it an essential addition to any child's toy collection. Invest in the Magnetic Rolling Ball Track Building Block Toy today and watch your child's imagination and knowledge soar to new heights!


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